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Easy Energy was founded in Bolton, MA in 2007, when two veterans of the electric power industry decided that small electric consumers should have the same freedom of choice in electricity supply as large industrial... Read More


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Choosing Easy Energy means:

  • A lower electric bill
  • No enrollment fee
  • Friendly, knowledgeable service
  • No change in reliability
  • Free ongoing assistance and market expertise

The Power to Choose

Massachusetts electricity consumers have the freedom to choose who supplies their electricity! You no longer have to purchase your electricity from your utility. When you switch to Easy Energy, you’ll get competitive rates and you’ll have access to our world-class customer service. We will answer all your questions to make sure you have all the information you need to be confident that Easy Energy is right for you. Enroll with Easy Energy today. Signing up is easy, and there are no surprises.

Sign up with Easy Energy today and lower your electric bill, or find out more about deregulation here.


We Love Our Customers, and They Love Us!

“I have sent a resounding recommendation for Easy Energy’s service to all my family, friends & co-workers. You are by far the most competitive supplier out there.”
-Paul in Worcester, MA

“This was the easiest way to save money that I’ve ever come across.  It takes less time than clipping coupons.”
-Kerry in Leominster, MA

“We use Easy Energy for our home and our business. Signing up is so easy!”
-Jim in Maynard, MA

“I want to mention praise for your employee, Colin, with whom I had the pleasure of dealing. He knew his business and was able to more than adequately ensure me that you were the right choice. A delight to talk to.”
-Dan in Edgartown, MA

“When a smaller company performs to this capacity,  making customer service a priority, I’ll adpot that business any day.”
-Paul in Norton, MA


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